Redemption Guidelines

All $10 prizes have been claimed, $5 incentives are still available.

Every student who submits the survey will receive complimentary funds on their YU-card. The first 1,000 participants receive $10 while subsequent participants receive $5. The funds are added to the cards of participants and can be used anywhere YU-cards are accepted.

How to redeem your incentive:

  • An eligible student submits their NCHA survey.
  • NCHA will send York a list of students who have submitted the survey (while safeguarding privacy – we will not be able to see any student responses, only that you have submitted your survey and are eligible to receive the incentive).
  • Within five business days of receiving a list of students who have submitted the survey, York uploads the funds to the student’s YU-card.

Please note: If you check your YU-card balance online through the YU-card office site or at the Account Stations in the libraries, you will see the value of the added funds.